Monday, March 23, 2009

Kitchens! (and one potluck)

The plan, if all goes as intended, is that each family will have a kitchen (though two families can share a unit if they'd like to), and so no one will have to eat in restaurants. The facility has a small continental breakfast, but families can have their own food, snack whenever, and eat with the larger group in a communal fashion Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Saturday we'll have a potluck meal, so be considering, if you're thinking of going, what you might be able to bring with you, or to cook easily in a strange kitchen with groceries you could buy in Santa Fe (or take with you if you're driving).

The kitchens are all a little different, but all fully equipped and have dishes and cooking utensils.


  1. oh goodness! Santa Fe, NM, one of my favorite places ever, with unschoolers and cozy condos... hmmmmm... You have put a little bit of unrest in me with the thought of this.

    I haven't seen my family in a while after all, and they do live in NM, AND my husband was just talking about going to NM soon. He mentioned it not more than 3 hrs ago. Coincidence?