Wednesday, October 28, 2009


(Starting off rough; can be cleaned up at a later time)

NOTE: The first day would be easiest to miss. Pam and I have spoken other places, and will speak some more on Saturday. We'll be around all the time. People who miss Thursday's talks won't miss the most important parts.

Wednesday if people can show up that would be great; get some firewood and kindling, get settled into your condo.
There is a breakfast room, not fancy, not cooked food, but a good gathering place each morning.

Thursday 9:30 Discussion of what we've learned about unschooling in the past 12 years or so, and how, and what's surprising

12:00-2:30 lunch break (enough time to leave the site, or make a lunch and have a nap, or to hang out with others)

2:30-5:00 Pam Sorooshian, presentation and discussion (topic not named yet)

5:00-6:00 Blake's Lotaburger on site

Thursday after dinner, Apples to Apples and other table games (we have all the American sets and the U.K. Jr. set)



9:30 Joyce Fetteroll, "Building Pitfalls" (title subject to revision), stories of how people come to a new understanding, and some of the pitfalls people can fall into while they think they're getting it.

12:00-2:30 lunch break

2:30 Dads meet. Short presentations by Keith Dodd, Cyrus Sorooshian and Carl Fetteroll, and discussion. No moms.

Moms can hang out elsewhere, go touristing, or get food ready for the potluck.

5:30 Potluck dinner, followed by Show and Tell (talk about something you have, found, bought, made, were given, learned, can do...)



9:30 Teens and Young Adults will share what they know, believe and have done regarding unschooling, for the benefit of each other and everyone else there.

12:00 lunch break

2:30, Closing Statements: What we've learned in the past three days

5:30 Enchilada dinner

Hanging out


Sunday is an unscheduled day. Those who need to go home can check out in a leisurely fashion. Those who are staying for a tourist day can check out on Monday.

Southwest discount air fares

For people planning to attend the symposium, please check here, and see whether it might be less expensive to fly and rent a car than to drive.

The rates are good for the conference dates, but not for Sunday, so it would also involve staying until Monday, which you might have planned to do anyway. Or you could spend Sunday night in Albuquerque.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinner Plans

The same room we use for meetings is our dining room.

Communal Dinner plans:

Thursday, January 7, Blake's Lotaburger, grilling at the door. "Open bar" style, you can order from this menu:

Lotaburger (which you can get with cheese or green chile or both)
Hot dog
Chili Cheesedog
Frito Chili Pie
Barbecue Sandwich
And then you can go back for something else!
For those familiar with Blake's Lotaburger, they can't do fries or shakes from the catering truck.

(Vegetarian presence might require a few Dion's Pizzas, which we could send teens out to fetch.)

Friday, January 8, potluck
Bring a dish from home, prepare something in your condo, or get something from a nearby store
Saturday, January 9, Enchilada dinner from RealBurger, on the Old Pecos Trail
Green chile chicken enchiladas
Red beef enchiladas
Posole with pork
Red chile

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a map of NE Santa Fe

We'll be up in the upper right, "Fort Marcy." The walk to the plaza isn't far. The walk back would be uphill.

This and another couple of maps: