Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kirby's Photos

Kirby gave these to me. I don't know if they were taken with his phone or what, and he didn't take them all. If anyone knows, I'm glad to credit photographers.

Two more moments

Robin Bentley sent me speaking, and Denaire making root beer floats for the multitudes.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Potluck Photos

These are Holly's:

The WoW food is in there:

and the parsnips:

the Persian food and the pork pie:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Schuyler Waynforth's Waffle Breakfast

Okay, Schuyler wasn't there. And she didn't know she had waffle makers, and she still doesn't have them, but they're still Schuyler's! (Schuyler click that first one for a close-up. One makes two regular square waffles, but the other does something like alphabet blocks, with numbers on one side and letters on the other.)

Images of the conference room

Click for enlargements.

This was the teen/young-adult panel. From left, Holly and Kirby Dodd, Roxana, Roya and Rosie Sorooshian, Kathryn Fetteroll and Marty Dodd (kinda ghosted out; sorry), and then listening on the side, Marty's girlfriend Ashlee, and Cyrus Sorooshian, the father of those three middle girls.

The art on the walls was Joyce's demonstration of how words are translated (not so well), and the cards were from the Blizzard poker set Kirby got for Christmas, at work (his show and tell).

Outside and inside

This first video was the day we all checked in, the view from the balcony of #48 where Kirby and Marty and Roya lived. You can see Carl, Joyce and Kathryn, and you can hear me and Marty.

This is from Sunday morning, the good-bye get-together planned by people other than me (and I'm very glad they did). It's fuzzy; sorry. There was another wave of people a little later, with Pam and Joyce.

Another brief video of Holly, me and Keith playing recorder badly (confusion): (Chris Sanders' blog)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Fe (images on December 30)

Keith and I went to Santa Fe today to scout some stuff out and do last minute things. We took a map of where to put the firewood to a little town called La Cienega, and the guy wasn't home so we gave it to his brother next door. The guy's wife called on the way home and all is set. A cord of wood, delivered outside the Fetterolls' condo, 1:00 January 6.

Here's the airport where I'll be picking Joyce, Carl and Kathryn up Wednesday just before noon:

There were three planes there. Real passenger jets. That's new. It's been little local things until this year.

Although this is subject to change if someone who is in there decides not to check out, here are some of the particular units and views:

This is #49, where Joyce will be, and that's Keith up on the road, near where the firewood will be dumped, figuring out what to do next (next Wednesday).

This is #55, a few doors away, where Pam will be, and then the view on the other side of it (with some distortion and my van):

These are the two new units. Not the same architecture; newer, fastened to the main room where we'll be, but the open to the outside. To the left is #100 which will be Robin Bentley's, and on the right Julie Daniel's. There were people staying in both so we couldn't see. I didn't get to see inside the one we'll have (Keith and Holly and I) which is up the hill a little to the right. Unless they have to move us because the people there now (who are staying until January 3) decide not to leave.

Jill Parmer and family, here! (ugly chairs, but cute table, on the porch, and there's a wood rack on the porch to the left that we'll fill up for you).

This is the view to the west from in front of Jill's. Behind and closer is the parking lot, on the same level.

The Sanders of Iowa will be here.