Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa Fe (images on December 30)

Keith and I went to Santa Fe today to scout some stuff out and do last minute things. We took a map of where to put the firewood to a little town called La Cienega, and the guy wasn't home so we gave it to his brother next door. The guy's wife called on the way home and all is set. A cord of wood, delivered outside the Fetterolls' condo, 1:00 January 6.

Here's the airport where I'll be picking Joyce, Carl and Kathryn up Wednesday just before noon:

There were three planes there. Real passenger jets. That's new. It's been little local things until this year.

Although this is subject to change if someone who is in there decides not to check out, here are some of the particular units and views:

This is #49, where Joyce will be, and that's Keith up on the road, near where the firewood will be dumped, figuring out what to do next (next Wednesday).

This is #55, a few doors away, where Pam will be, and then the view on the other side of it (with some distortion and my van):

These are the two new units. Not the same architecture; newer, fastened to the main room where we'll be, but the open to the outside. To the left is #100 which will be Robin Bentley's, and on the right Julie Daniel's. There were people staying in both so we couldn't see. I didn't get to see inside the one we'll have (Keith and Holly and I) which is up the hill a little to the right. Unless they have to move us because the people there now (who are staying until January 3) decide not to leave.

Jill Parmer and family, here! (ugly chairs, but cute table, on the porch, and there's a wood rack on the porch to the left that we'll fill up for you).

This is the view to the west from in front of Jill's. Behind and closer is the parking lot, on the same level.

The Sanders of Iowa will be here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tumbleweed Runners-Up

I have "get a tumbleweed" on my list. Two have come into the neighborhood. One was on the street outside our cul-de-sac. It was Too Big:

One came into the yard and hid by the trailer, but it is Too Small:

(It's broken, too.)

For the benefit of those who don't live around here and who are flying in, I will continue the quest (and press Marty to look, as he drives more than anyone else) for a Just Right tumbleweed.

Weather, late arrivals

Pretty much it's expected to be cold and still and sunny.

Santa Fe Intellicast:

The cold is why we can get these condos for so little, this time of year, so good for that!

This morning I worked on kindling for the fireplaces. As you arrive, if you have a fireplace and you want to use it (two units don't and the occupants opted "newer and fancy and no fireplace" over "funky 70's but has a fireplace")... get a basket of kindling when you check in or from me directly if it's not too late. I'll confirm my room number when I know for absolute sure, and the people at the desk will know where I am.

Anyone who arrives after the desk closes and who had a paid reservation for that night can still get the key from a place with a code. That will all come clear if it's necessary to know. It's a system they've used successfully for a long time, and there's someone not far from there with keys all the time, but it's not a hotel so the front desk isn't open 24 hours a day or anything.