Monday, December 28, 2009

Weather, late arrivals

Pretty much it's expected to be cold and still and sunny.

Santa Fe Intellicast:

The cold is why we can get these condos for so little, this time of year, so good for that!

This morning I worked on kindling for the fireplaces. As you arrive, if you have a fireplace and you want to use it (two units don't and the occupants opted "newer and fancy and no fireplace" over "funky 70's but has a fireplace")... get a basket of kindling when you check in or from me directly if it's not too late. I'll confirm my room number when I know for absolute sure, and the people at the desk will know where I am.

Anyone who arrives after the desk closes and who had a paid reservation for that night can still get the key from a place with a code. That will all come clear if it's necessary to know. It's a system they've used successfully for a long time, and there's someone not far from there with keys all the time, but it's not a hotel so the front desk isn't open 24 hours a day or anything.

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