Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinner Plans

The same room we use for meetings is our dining room.

Communal Dinner plans:

Thursday, January 7, Blake's Lotaburger, grilling at the door. "Open bar" style, you can order from this menu:

Lotaburger (which you can get with cheese or green chile or both)
Hot dog
Chili Cheesedog
Frito Chili Pie
Barbecue Sandwich
And then you can go back for something else!
For those familiar with Blake's Lotaburger, they can't do fries or shakes from the catering truck.

(Vegetarian presence might require a few Dion's Pizzas, which we could send teens out to fetch.)

Friday, January 8, potluck
Bring a dish from home, prepare something in your condo, or get something from a nearby store
Saturday, January 9, Enchilada dinner from RealBurger, on the Old Pecos Trail
Green chile chicken enchiladas
Red beef enchiladas
Posole with pork
Red chile

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