Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fireplace news!

There was once a policy that wood was bought from the main desk, but they've undone that policy, and we have permission to buy a load of wood and put it in a central location, from which attendees can take wood for their fireplaces. This might not sound so exciting, with it springtime. And those who read this in the summer might find it downright uncomfortable. But in January 2010, in Santa Fe, a fire will be nice!

Fireplaces aren't all the same, but each unit has one.

There might be snow, but probably not. It's statistically likely to be cold but not snowy. That doesn't mean there won't be snow at Ski Santa Fe! And I hope we'll be able to get discounts on lift tickets for those who want to ski or snowboard. The ski area is just fifteen miles from where we'll be. There will be no gatherings scheduled for Sunday, but the rooms will still be at conference rates on Sunday night, and that might be a good go-to-mountains day for some and stay-to-visit day for others.

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  1. Springtime? It has gotten REAL cold in our neck of the desert since you wrote that! My fireplace is still getting a lot of use and it is almost April. I think a fire in January in Santa Fe will be wonderful!