Thursday, September 17, 2009

Most of our Presenters

These photos are by Dan Vilter and were taken Saturday, September 12, 2009, at the Good Vibrations Conference in Del Mar, California. I know it wasn't Sunday, because about that time on Sunday I was in an emergency room in La Jolla for an increasingly painful leg freak-out that I was afraid might be a blood clot but is more likely sciatica. So with a long story I won't tell, I'm home and nearly mobile.

This lacks three of the presenters: Carl, Joyce and Kathryn Fetteroll
The photo includes:
Cyrus Sorooshian, Rosie, Roxana and Kirby, Holly, Roya, Marty, Sandra, and Keith Dodd behind Pam.

Some people have already contacted me and let me know they definitely want to attend the Santa Fe Symposium. If there are others, please e-mail me at and let me know whether you think you want a one-, two- or three-bedroom condo. The reservations will be made through our agent or through a direct web page which isn't set up yet, but I can contact each family with a paypal request for conference fee and then a link to where they can make a reservation.

Don't go directly to them yet, but the site is Fort Marcy Park if you want to look around their webpage. Don't make a reservation yet, though; go through me.
Remember the rooms don't all look the same!

We're supposed to have wireless internet everywhere, by winter. Some units have it now; some have wired. The meeting room has wireless.

More information coming as more information comes!

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